Sunday, March 18, 2012

Agricultural Scholarship 2013 2014

March 30, 2013


Award Type

Applicable School(s)
SUNY College of Technology at Alfred

Scholarship for incoming freshmen who are admitted to Alfred State College, majoring in Agriculture. Selection is based on academic achievement. Admissions application is reviewed for this award.

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  1. Dear/sir. I am young guy from Ethiopia. I obtain Diploma in Agriculture from Adama Science and technology University with GPA of 4.0 out of 4.0. I have 2 years of work experience in technical assistant at Dilla University, School of Agriculture. meanwhile; i have great interest to have my Bachelor degree in Agricultural related fields. But to realize my interest my financial status is constraint

    You know that industrialized nations have emitted for more greenhouse gas emissions. In contradictory developing countries due to small number of professional in Agriculture there is inadequate agricultural productivity in our country .Our country Ethiopia is now in jumping one step from a line with industrialized countries. So what needs at first? It’s doubtless as it is professional of Agricultural Sciences. Considering all factor above, I believe that if I am trained through undergraduate scholarship in Agricultural science I can do my best with all maximum efforts for the benefit of my country to whom I have been working. I look forward to a favorable reply to bring my dream in to reality. I believe it will come. Thanks